There are over 7 miles of walking trails in the UT Arboretum’s Self-guided Walking Trails System. The variation in length and difficulty of the trails provides walkers with a range of choices from a casual stroll to a serious hike. The Walking Trails page provides a map of the trails and information about each trail including a description and “what to see” along the way as well as a profile of the terrain. Happy Trails! The Naturebook Trail starts right across from the Visitors Center which features a nature themed children’s book. Our current book is Bees: Honeybees, Bumblebees and More! Written by Dr. Shirley Raines, Photography by Curt Hart

Arboretum Cover Tree Walk
Trail System
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A map of the trail system with information about individual trails including length and elevation change

Plant Collections
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Locations of plant species collections along our trails
Arboretum Drive Trail
Photo Gallery
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Photo Gallery of Arboretum trails.