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Thursday, March 11, 7pm EST with Andrea Ludwig

Join us on Thursday, March 11 at 7pm EST to learn more about how having a “Tennessee Smart Yard” can help us gain ground for having clean waterways. Register here to receive your link for this free Zoom program. This program is co-sponsored by Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning.

Residential areas are a significant part of our Tennessee landscapes, making residents a critical stakeholder group in watershed management strategies.The University of Tennessee Extension along with its partners is empowering residents with information on how to nurture a healthy, ecologically-sound landscape that provides benefits both for humans and our environment. Our latest efforts have created an online platform for residents to learn from our experts from the comfort and safety of their own homes and at their own pace.Tennessee Smart Yards – ” keeping Tennessee’s land and water healthy, one yard at a time“.

Presenter: Dr. Andrea Ludwig, Associate Professor of Ecological Engineering in the Biosystems Engineering and Soil Department at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Ludwig is the co-director of Tennessee Smart Yards, a sustainable landscaping educational program that seeks to certify private property across the state as “Tennessee Smart Yards.”  Dr. Ludwig has worked as the State Stormwater Management Specialist for UT Extension since 2010.  In addition, she holds a PhD in Biological Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.  

For any issues with registration or questions about the program contact Michelle Campanis, University of Tennessee Arboretum Education coordinator at mcampani@tennessee.edu


Cope’s Tree Frog

Froggy went a courtin’! Tuesday, March 23rd at 7pm, EST. Spring is here and local frogs are active. There are 15 species of frogs and toads in the Tennessee Valley. In each case, the males croon to attract the attention of the females. But each species croaks at a different time and from different locations. You often do not see them because they are camouflaged to blend into their watery places, but you certainly hear them. Join local natural historian Stephen Lyn Bales via Zoom for this presentation hosted by the UT Arboretum Society. The class is free, you do not even have to leave home, but registration is required. To register click HERE  To contact Stephen Lyn or buy one of his UT Press books go to Instagram @stephenlynbales

Tuesday, April 6 CICADA- A- RAID-A! BROOD X with Stephen Lyn Bales


Cicada a-raid-a! Brood X! It sounds like a sci-fi movie. We have been waiting 17 years for their return. Ta-da! They are almost here. After living underground since 2004, it is time for their emergence by the millions, shed their larval skin and fly away to buzz for a mate en masse. Join local natural historian Stephen Lyn Bales for a look at all things cicada plus this year’s huge emergence. This creepy-crawly presentation via Zoom is hosted by the UT Arboretum Society. The class is free, you do not even have to leave home. To register go to utarboretumsociety.org.  The program will be recorded so please register to receive link. To contact Stephen Lyn or buy one of his UT Press books go to Instagram @stephenlynbales or email him at hellostephenlyn@yahoo.com

The Sunny Birds of Summer

Thursday May 6, 2021 7 PM EDT

Stephen Lyn Bales

The Sunny Birds of Summer! Thursday, May 6th, 7pm EST – Join UT Arboretum for our First Thursday Nature Supper Club May 6 as we celebrate the bird species that are with us only during the warm months, their nesting season. You provide your own stay-at-home supper and local natural historian Stephen Lyn Bales will entertainingly teach via Zoom about birds such as the wood thrush, catbird, indigo bunting and the gorgeous prothonotary warbler. The class is free, but you need to register at utarboretumsociety.org to receive your Zoom link. The program will be recorded so register even if you cannot watch the day of program. If you have any problems with registration contact UT Arboretum Education Coordinator, Michelle Campanis at mcampani@tennessee.edu To contact Stephen Lyn go to hellostephenlyn@yahoo,com

Sunny Bird
Wood Thrush

Birdability: Because Birding is for Everybody and Every Body!

Thursday May 27, 2021 7:00 PM EDT

Register at http://www.utarboretumsociety.org to receive your Zoom link. Birding is an activity that can bring so much joy and empowerment to everybody, but not everybody is able to go birding easily. Birdability is a non-profit organization focused on removing barriers to access for birders with mobility challenges, blindness or low vision, intellectual or developmental disabilities (including autism), mental illness, being Deaf or Hard of Hearing and other health concerns; and bringing the joy of birding to people with disabilities and other health concerns who aren’t yet birders. Learn about why this should matter to you (even if you don’t have an accessibility challenge), ways to be a more welcoming and inclusive birder, the Birdability Map (and how to submit a Birdability Site Review) and our resources for birders (and potential future birders) with accessibility challenges… because birding is for everybody and every body! Learn more and find resources at birdability.org This program is co-sponsored by Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning and the UT Arboretum Society.


Presenter: Freya McGregor, OTR/L, CIG is the Birdability Coordinator and Occupational Therapist. Birding since childhood, her ‘dodgy’ knee often creates an accessibility challenge for her. With a background in blindness and low vision services, she is passionate about enabling all birders and potential future birders to enjoy birding and nature as much as she does.

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