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The Tulip Poplar Trail and Major Plant Collection Areas

Tulip Poplar Trail length: 0.4 mile
Major Plant Collections length: 0.25 mile

The Paw-Paw collection The Tulip Poplar Trail begins off of the Arboretum main entrance road and parallels an access road, Old Kerr Hollow Road, before turning into a stand of pine and oak trees. These are second growth trees, as this area was once farmed. There is also evidence that the area was damaged by fire. The pines are shortleaf pine and Virginia pine. The oaks include white oak, northern red oak, black oak, and scarlet oak. Sassafras is also common along this trail. But it is the tulip poplar that stands out. An aggressive pioneer species, the tulip poplars on the slope above the trail were originally seeded into cultivated fields that had been abandoned.

A spur of the Tulip Poplar Trail leads to an open field area. Across the field is the Shrub Garden which takes walkers into the heart of the Arboretum's major plant collections area. Our Major Plant Collections Map shows the locations of shrubs, conifers, junipers, and shade trees. The Elmore Holly Garden, a collection of over 200 holly cultivars, is just to the east of the Program Shelter.

Map and Profile

Tulip Poplar Trail

Tulip Poplar Profile

Tulip Poplar Trail Profile (A to B)
GPS at A: N35.99733, W84.22121
Average Grade: 5%
Distance: 1779.3 ft.
Climbing Distance: 1421.0 ft.
Descending Distance: 358.3 ft.

Tulip Poplar Profile

Tulip Poplar Spur Profile (C to D)
GPS at A: N35.99589, W84.22166
Average Grade: 4%
Distance: 1181.3 ft.
Climbing Distance: 600.2 ft.
Descending Distance: 581.2 ft.

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