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Featured Plant Of The Month

There is always something in bloom at the Arboretum! Use our Plants Library to plan a photo shoot or to choose one of the trails to walk. Learn more about the plants at the Arboretum by visiting our Previously Featured Plants list and our Special Seasonal Featured Plants page.

Holiday Hollies and Mistletoe

Hollies Mistletoe

Hollies have been associated with the winter solstice since ancient times. They have a rich history of medicinal uses and have been regarded as religious symbols. Hollies are widely used for wreaths and other holiday decorations.

Clumps of Mistletoe resembling large green squirrel nests are conspicuous in the upper branches of deciduous trees after the leaves have fallen. Sprigs of its green leathery leaves and stems and its white berries are a familiar component of the Christmas time tradition of kissing under the Mistletoe. In ancient times Mistletoe was used in Druid and pre-Christian traditions to decorate houses at the mid-winter and mid-summer solstices.

More detailed descriptions of Hollies and Mistletoe can be found on our Previously Featured Plants page.

Hollies Mistletoe

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