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Backwoods Trail

Trail length: 0.9 miles
From Visitors Center via N. Loop Road: 0.3 miles
Round Trip via S. Loop Road: 2.1 miles

Loop Road Just beyond the Marsh Area, a graveled path leads to the Forest Loop Road. A fork divides this road into the North Forest Loop and the South Forest Loop. The lower entrance to the Backwoods Trail is up a rather steep climb along the North route. The South route is a more gradual rise leading to another entrance to the Backwoods Trail. Aptly named, this trail traverses through some of the more remote areas of the Arboretum. But walkers are rewarded with a quiet, deep woods experience. There are several choices for return routes to the Visitors Center, including, along the South Forest Loop, around the North Forest Loop, or via the Lost Chestnut Trail to Valley Road.

Parts of the Forest Loop area were formerly a pastureland which was abandoned and subsequently returned to natural forest. Pines are among the first to grow in such an area but are eventually replaced by hardwoods as time passes. This area has also experienced storm damage and some of the pines were killed by the Southern Pine Beetle. These areas are examples of natural re-forestation.

Map and Profile

Backwoods Trail

Backwoods Trail Profile

Backwoods Trail Profile (A to B)
GPS at A: N35.99765, W84.20892
Average Grade: 6%
Distance: 4681.3 ft.
Climbing Distance: 3152.3 ft.
Descending Distance: 1529.0 ft.

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